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We boast top medical experts who have knowledge, expertise, and the right qualification to focus on every aspect of complicated medical records. Since we do not represent any law firm and work as an independent medical record review service, you get transparent and quick results from our medical record review company.

Pay no hidden costs and no extra charges! Contact us today if you want to decode complicated medical information in sophisticated medical records. We turn your complex medical data into easy-to-comprehend medical summaries and reports. Get in touch with us today, and we will be happy to help assist you with your legal case without any hidden or extra costs.

We are happy to inform our clients that our U.S.-based company complies with all standard requirements of HIPAA regarding information data security and privacy.

We proudly adhere to all applicable HIPAA laws while serving our clients.

Here is what you should know about HIPAA requirements.

HIPAA regulations require complete transparency. Companies that comply with HIPAA must audit any activity that revolves around regulated data systems. Hence, we maintain checks and balances to keep policies in place within the company structure for guaranteeing that EPHI or electronic protected health information is:

  • Inaccessible to anyone except verified business users
  • Monitored during access
  • Encrypted during transfer or while in the storage on an unprotected network
  • Movable to authorized locations only

These requirements reflect four major practices crucial to HIPAA compliance. There are several other elements within these practices that are crucial to data security. Some of these include secure data backup, data loss protection, network configuration, and the human element necessary for all processes to work smoothly.

If you are looking for experienced medical professionals to analyze complex medical records, our U.S.-based medical case review company will deliver the best services. That’s because we have legitimate and qualified medical experts who are aware of the latest medical technology and practices.

Our professionally qualified, licensed, and experienced medical experts take all necessary steps to study disorganized and voluminous data for simplifying it into easy language.

Personal injury attorneys, nursing home abuse lawyers, and medical malpractice attorneys hire our expert medical experts because they don’t have the proper medical background to understand many medical terminologies. When they fail to understand medical data, they find it challenging to build a strong case.

You can be sure of our medical experts because we are not an offshore company and work with local medical experts. Each expert on our panel boasts adequate knowledge, professional expertise, and incredible capabilities to study data and prepare detailed reports for your case.

Personal injury or medical malpractice attorneys often have data that is highly disorganized or contains terminologies that are difficult to understand for an attorney who doesn’t come from a medical background. That’s where our professionals come into the picture.

Our medical experts analyze big chunks of data for breaking it down into easy-to-understand language and organize the entire data in the form of detailed medical reports. Our U.S.-based medical experts know the importance of interpreting medical records for building a solid case. That’s why we only work with expert, qualified, and seasoned medical experts who can assess and review your medical records. We provide a wide array of services, including medical record organization, medical case review, and medical summary services.

If you want proof of our medical experts’ qualifications, experience, or credentials, we don’t hesitate to explain their expertise. Our straightforward approach, transparent review procedures, and the ability to assess the smallest of details make us rank among the best medical review services in the U.S.

Personal injury attorneys and nursing home abuse lawyers seek our expert advice to help them prepare the winning ground for their case. Our seasoned and professional medical experts are known for providing inclusive, comprehendible, and in-depth medical reviews that comply with the latest federal and state laws.

Here is how our professional medical experts prepare a detailed review of your case.

  • We outline all critical points with the medical record and additional details regarding external/internal providers and care facilities.
  • We alert you of any missing documents that can play a critical law in the litigation process.
  • We provide executive summary reports that offer an objective assessment of whether the hospital/nursing home/ or care facility followed the latest standards of care.
  • Our team makes all efforts to cross-reference each piece of medical information. We also provide the source of information we use to prepare your medical case review so you can double-check all information.
  • Our medical experts also summarize hours of deposition testimony to save you valuable time and money. Our team helps you prepare a record of all critical incidents in chronological order to keep track of all names, figures, dates, and events.

Whether our clients want us to organize medical records involving hundreds of pages or create a comprehensive chronology for attorney use, our authentic medical experts guarantee excellent services.

We are proud to serve as our client’s medical case review partners to solve the most challenging cases, saving them valuable time and resources.

Our medical experts’ goal is to serve our clients by providing affordable and customized medical case review services. That’s one reason we enjoy a good reputation among personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys.

We believe in providing accurate and fair analysis, organizing your medical records’ data for highlighting the causation of diseases and injuries, and other valuable information that can help you win the case.

Thanks to our medical experts’ expertise and experience, we can help attorneys determine whether they can build their medical malpractice or negligence case around:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Improper or delayed care
  • Lack of proper diagnostic tests
  • Failure to monitor a patient
  • Failure to refer a patient to another facility
  • Wrong dosage of drug administration
  • Injuries due to improper Anesthesia dosage
  • Mishandling of medical equipment
  • Failure to obtain informed consent
  • Performing unnecessary surgery
  • Failure to identify postoperative infections

Here are some of the reasons why medical care facilities or hospitals can become guilty of medical malpractice and negligence.

  • Communication failures between doctors and staff about patient care
  • Poor record keeping causes doctors or surgeons to misinterpret information
  • Failure to consider patients’ medical history or any allergies into account when designing a treatment plan
  • Drug or alcohol abuse by the medical staff

An ordinary attorney or law firm may find it impossible to decipher this important information.

Only authentic and legitimate medical experts can pinpoint these elements in complex medical records.

If you have trouble analyzing multi-faceted and complicated medical data, you need an authentic and legitimate medical case review service. We are a U.S.-based medical case review service that assesses all medical record types, be it personal injury cases, medical malpractice, or nursing home abuse cases.

When you work with us, you get nothing but expert advice from expert medical professionals who can identify inconsistencies or flaws in medical records to make your case stronger.

Our review process is speedy and straightforward. Once you contact us to review your medical records, we provide an in-depth report 2-3 weeks. From the time you get in touch with us to the day we deliver you the results, we guarantee to keep you updated during each phase of the process.

Our specialists evaluate all bits of information including medical reviews, charts and records.

Thanks to the experience, qualification, and expertise of our medical experts, our company has been proudly serving law experts all through the country. We begin a thorough investigation and analysis.

Accelerate your medical record review process as we provide exclusive review services for nursing home abuse cases, medical malpractice, and personal injury claims. We assist our clients in sorting out, classifying, and organizing medical records into various categories through an exhaustive review process. When you allow us to study your medical records, our medical experts review everything from the patient’s history to their treatment.

If you are looking for professional and expert medical or clinical records review services for building your case quickly, we can help you sort out sophisticated information as quickly as possible. Thanks to our seasoned and trained medical experts, we provide customized and quick review services for all types of cases.

Whether you are preparing a case for medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, or a personal injury claim, we can provide a comprehensive medical review to speed up your litigation process. We acknowledge the importance of examining medical records in a timely manner to identify missing information and addressing important factors.

When you allow us to review the medical records of a patient, we follow a pre-defined review process for providing in-depth analysis.

Typically, we take 2-3 weeks to review medical records, from the moment you hand over sensitive data to us to the day we deliver final medical summaries and chronologies. Rest assured, we follow a transparent review process.

Our medical experts assess every part of your medical records and make correction references using relevant literature review. We also guarantee timely feedbacks for updating you throughout the review process.

If you are an attorney or a law firm that is looking for an expert medical case review service, our medical experts can provide inclusive and detailed medical summaries to help you prepare your case.

Medical Malpractice

We provide excellent medical case review services to determine the merits and demerits of medical malpractice areas. Our U.S.-based medical experts are aware of the latest policies and state rules to devise factually correct and accurate medical summaries.

From preparing medical chronologies to in-depth medical summaries, we offer premiumquality case review services. We study all literature review that corresponds to your case’s unique needs. Our trained and experienced medical experts can review your medical records for any unusual entry patterns, missed entries, and inconsistencies that suggest evidence tampering. When you allow us to study your client’s medical records, we identify the paperwork or proof that is missing from the medical records.

Our medical experts boast years of experience in dealing with similar cases and can help attorneys figure out medical negligence or malpractice by reviewing medical case history and records.

Nursing Home Abuse

The medical staff, including the nurses and doctors of a nursing home facility, can be guilty of fatal mistakes. Even the most experienced and reputed nursing homes may sometimes fail to provide the best treatment due to lack of monitoring. An expert medical professional can dig these facts even if they are hidden in the medical record of the patient.

That’s why a large number of attorneys and law firms turn to our services for identifying nursing home abuse incidents. Nursing home malpractice can be in the form of:

  • Failing to provide the necessary medical treatment to a resident
  • Mistakes in prescription medication or failure to administer drugs as per the doctor’s orders
  • Abusive use of chemical and medical restraints
  • Ignoring the patient’s mental or physical well-being
  • Failing to arrange care by registered doctors and nurses

Hiring our professional medical case review services will help you identify any such negligence to make your case stronger.

Personal Injury

Whether it is an automobile accident or a complex slip and fall case.  Our team of US trained professionals can decipher and analyze complex medical records and are quickly able to provide you with an analysis of the client’s medical records for your law firm to make a judgement on their cases.

Let us Help you Build a Stronger Case

Our medical experts have the knowledge, expertise, and qualification to review complex medical records and make accurate inferences. If you are facing trouble decoding large-volume medical data, leave it to us. We will highlight important medical events to prepare a case chronology for providing clear case summaries. Contact us today if you are looking for professional and affordable medical case review services according to your state’s laws and policies.

Legal firms and lawyers, who need expert medical case review services, look for qualified medical experts who can decipher complicated medical records. As a lawyer, your job is challenging enough to also conduct in-depth medical research for your cases. That is why you need local and qualified medical experts to review complex medical records.  Going to experts allow you to save time and evaluate the merits of a case quickly and effectively.

Since medical records have essential information regarding the medical history of the patient, the treatments conducted, and their results are of immense importance to your case.

That’s why hiring U.S.-based medical case reviewers can be profitable for your law practice.

Medical record review involves evaluating a patient’s healthcare records. For that, you need to research, review, interpret, and analyze the data for making accurate inferences. Not only medical record review services are helpful for lawyers to decode essential information but also to prepare a solid ground for representing their client.

Here is what a typical medical record review process includes:

  • Collection and arrangement of medical records
  • Researching about misplaced records
  • Discussion with other medical specialists
  • Making medical summaries and reports
  • Preparing a medical case chronology

Experienced and Skilled Professionals

Working with medical experts who are aware of the rules and regulations of all state and federal laws can help you build a stronger case. When you work with expert medical staff that has the expertise and experience of providing review services, you get nothing but the best and most accurate medical case records.

Time-Saving Services

When expert and skilled medical record review professionals review your records, you get speedy results. You can reduce the time that you normally require for preparing a medical malpractice or nursing home abuse case for trial or settlement.


In addition to getting speedy results, you also save valuable costs. That is because attorneys don’t need to hire multiple medical professionals to study numerous parts of a medical record. Hiring a trained medical review team is the best way to get access to the latest resources and literature review for reviewing your client’s medical data.

 Improved Efficiency

Such specialists are familiar with all the complexities involved in medical records and interpret them in an easy-to-understand language. This way, attorneys can improve their efficiency to prepare for a case or a trial.

Identifying Missing Documents/Information

When professional and experienced medical experts perform a review, they can find out the missing data from medical records. Many lawyers who do not have any background in medicine find it hard to detect any such missing documents. That is why collaborating with a team of expert medical case reviewers can help you prepare a winning case.

Superior Data Security

Data security of medical records is critical, along with guaranteeing compliance with HIPAA considerations. Professional medical record review services comply with all HIPAA requirements for data security and data confidentiality.

Complete Transparency

When you collaborate with medical case review specialists, who are based in the U.S., you can benefit from a transparent review process. The medical record review company will follow a pre-defined timeline while keeping you updated throughout the medical case review lifecycle.

Multiple Expertise

Experienced medical experts can review medical data associated with all types of cases, such as personal injury and medical malpractice/negligence. Attorneys do not have to recruit separate review teams for each case.

Accurate Medical Chronologies

Preparing an accurate medical chronology is crucial for your legal case. Non-medical attorneys can’t flip through charts for finding the relevant information related to a patient’s claim or case. For that reason, you need a medical chronology to list all vital facts in chronological order to make it easier to address all issues of the case. Furthermore, a medical chronology can offer critical information, such as the type and provider of record. This chronology plays a momentous role in any case or claims for discovery, investigation, and preparing your case for trial.

Medical Summaries

A well-prepared medical summary provides a quick overview of the case. This summary, along with a medical chronology, can break sophisticated medical information into simplified data.

When you have a medical consultant as part of your legal team, you get the upper hand for all your medical negligence, nursing home abuse, and personal injury cases. Not only are these cases too complicated, but they also take a considerable time to make conclusions.

That is why you need a professional and a local medical case review service to study your records. Here, at our company, all our medical experts are based in the U.S. When you hand over your medical records to local professionals, you get accurate information for your personal injury or medical negligence case, according to the laws and regulations of your state.

When you allow our medical experts to work on your medical case, our local professionals:

  • Evaluate the contributing factors and causes of the illness or injury
  • Evaluate the role of medical negligence or abuse in the case
  • Analyze the state and federal laws for making correct inferences
  • Prepare a detailed report that highlights these factors

Unlike attorneys and law professionals, physicians can quickly review a medical record to detect any inconsistencies, unusual patterns, or missing entries that suggest evidence tampering. Thanks to our local medical reviewers, we can identify, organize, and summarize all relevant information to help you assist in building your case.

For any nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, and personal injury attorney, reviewing critical medical information is crucial. Our medical malpractice experts review medical records, confer with attorneys, and provide expert advice on how you can make the most out of your medical records.

We will review your medical case record to provide the care you need to ensure that you win every case. Since medicine is not all science and can have gray areas, a single mistake can lead to detrimental effects on a patient’s life. From death to disability and organ failures, medical malpractice or nursing home abuse can lead to life-changing outcomes for the patient.

Furthermore, we are also happy to inform our clients that our medical case review company complies with all standard requirements of HIPAA regarding privacy and data security. That means we adhere to all applicable HIPAA laws to provide the best services to our clients.

Since HIPAA regulations require complete transparency, you don’t have to worry about receiving low-quality or inaccurate reports. We maintain checks and balances for keeping our policies in place within our company structure to guarantee that you get nothing but the best medical record review services.

All cases related to nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, and personal injury require attorneys and law firms to analyze every part of their medical records. However, new law firms or amateur personal injury lawyers can find it difficult to prepare a strong case.

That’s why our review experts are happy to make it easier for you. No matter how complicated your records are, we will provide an in-depth analysis for organizing and categorizing medical records. Through our systematic way of approaching things and looking at your records from all angles, we are able to provide professional, affordable, and expert review services for our clients. Since we are not an offshore medical record review company, our local medical experts have everything it takes to help your legal practice.

We formulate all reports by keeping in mind the regulations and rules of the city/state you are practicing in so you don’t have to panic at the last minute. If you have previously worked with an offshore medical review company, you will know the difference it makes to hire local medical experts when you work with us. We are not a part of any third-party company or a law firm. We maintain complete privacy while offering the best medical record review services to our clients. Each of our expert reviewers boasts impressive credentials and has experience of handling similar cases.

Our company also screens all medical experts for medical liability and medical malpractice suits, criminal activity, license revocations, and convictions. Hence, only trusted professionals can become a part of our team.

Get in touch with us today if you want us to analyze your sensitive information for making detailed assessments. Our U.S.-based medical record review company can help you prepare a solid ground for your case.

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